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Summer is a flamboyant time for agriculture. Everywhere you look another crop has ripened below the summer’s long light and is fluffing its tail feathers in your direction. While spring eeks out one surprise at a time, summer hits like an orchestra coming into full swing on the first note. The richness in our region is breathtaking to visitors unaccustomed to such variety, the summer feeding us so well that when it tapers down to the fall selection, we are almost ready for it. Almost.


But not yet. Now is the time to do your happy dance for all of agriculture is your oyster. Peppers, sweet corn, Monterey Bay caught seafood, eggplant, tomatoes, farm eggs, figs, berries. Get creative, make each meal a pleasure, transform amplitude into something that will keep – blueberry preserve, jars of tomatoes, dried apricots. It’s here, now, come get your fill at the markets!


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