Music Series

SCCFM operates an annual music series at the Felton, Scotts Valley, Westside and Live Oak Farmers’ Markets. Music ranges from bluegrass to jazz with some country blues thrown in. We currently do not operate the music series at the Downtown market. To find out who is playing, check the market page you plan on going to weekly.

Interested in Playing?

All musicians are required to send a music demo or provide a weblink for a sample of music. Scheduled musicians are paid a stipend of $25 per person up to $75 cap. Bands are allowed to put a tip jar out and can sell CD’s.,t-shirts,etc.  We start scheduling in the late winter for the coming season and have a strong preference for bluegrass,country blues,Hawaiian and some some types of jazz. All acts need to be acoustic and due to the space, no drums please. So if you are not currently part of our music list, contact us at and submit the above information and short description of the the music you play and how many in your band.

Downtown Farmers’ Market Music Policy

If you would like to play at the Downtown market, we ask you check in at the Information booth to find out where musicians can play. Due to the limited space and vendors need to be able to communicate with their customers, we do not currently schedule bands. However, we have designated spots in the market, where traveling musicians can play.

We ask that you play for no more than 30 minutes to give others an opportunity. Please keep track of your time and then move to a different spot if one is available. Music style must work with the market and neighboring vendors ability to work. We ask that you do not use any percussions or amplification. Horned instruments can work but must be played away from vendors stalls.