Il Biscotto

Owner:Franco Pellegrino
Phone:(408) 614-4459

When Franco began his Il Biscotto baking business, he did it in an attempt to recreate the tastes and textures of the confections from his hometown in Trapani, on the west coast of Sicily. There, he grew up on a farm where his family made everything that came from the land. These were Franco’s beginnings and this was, for him, the land that never left him, even as he left Sicily to come to America.

Now, along the coast of California, Franco remains faithful to the flavors he learned to love as a child in the warmth of his mother’s kitchen. Working to keep the cookies true to his memory, he uses natural ingredients, little sugar, and time-honored techniques to ensure an authenticity that evokes home to him. Small batches crafted by hand with an eye and a feel for the dough, each cookie reflects just that kind of attention. From the toasty crunch of slivered almonds in a brutti ma buoni to the aromatic blend of flavors in a pasticcini, Franco has your taste sensations covered. Cannoli, a Sicilian classic, is filled with an airy, homemade style ricotta cheese cream, and, along with the fig-filled cuccidati, customers delight in these celebrated desserts.

Franco’s Old World cookies and pastries are sure to complement any occasion whether it be for a special event or simply a gathering of two for coffee and conversation....Italian-style!

This write up is taken from Franco's website. We're glad to have Franco with us weekly at the Downtown Santa Cruz, Westside and Live Oak markets and rotating through the Felton and Live Oak markets. The cookies are delicious!