Prevedelli Farm

Owner:Frank and Silvia Prevedelli

A true family-run farm. The entire family works on the farm, whether it's planting, harvesting, or selling at the farmers' markets. Everybody is involved.


All of Prevedelli Farm's fruits and vegetables are certified organic. Their apples, pears, and berries are picked by hand at peak ripeness for full flavor. Berries are available starting in late spring and into late summer and apples are harvested from July through November. Growing over twenty-six new and heirloom varieties of apples allows Prevedelli Farms to keep up with the apple harvest, as each varieties ripens at a different point in the season versus all at once. This also means the farm can offer apples from their orchards for a longer period of the year - early, mid and late season varieties meeting your summer, fall and winter needs. When summer hits their table is full of organic berries which include olallieberries, boysenberries, loganberries, blackberries and raspberries. At peak season the Prevedellis funnel excess harvest into preserves like apple butters and mixed berry jams.


The Prevedelli Family has been farming for over 75 years in Santa Cruz County. The farm was originally established on Old San Jose Road in Soquel in the 1930s by Arturo Prevedelli, who emigrated to America from Italy in the early 1900s. In 1945 the Prevedellis moved with their production to Watsonville and continue now as a fourth generation family to grow various crops specializing in berries, apples and pears.

Pest Management:

Employing organic methods for pest management like pheromone disruption, field sanitation and crop rotation on their berries and vegetables, Prevedelli works hard to maintain a healthy ecosystem on their land.


Sandy loam.

Water Use:

Using drip irrigation in their younger orchards they conserve water and minimize soil loss. Prevedelli uses overhead sprinklers for their older orchards.

Weed Control:

Hoeing and manual extraction.