Four Sisters Farm

Owner:Robin and Nancy Gammons

Four Sisters is a five acre organic farm in the hills of Aromas, behind the Monterey Bay in central California. They grow cut flowers, kiwifruit, avocados, apples, herbs, and specialty vegetables, specializing in sorrel and other unusual greens.


Four Sisters is a five acre organic farm in the hills of Aromas. The farm is named after the four daughters in the family. They have been certified by CCOF since 1987, but have always been organic. Four Sister's products can be found in restaurants in the Bay Area, farmers' markets, and in some Natural Food Stores. Many of the varieties of specialty greens that are grown are from Italian and other European seed sources, and are much in demand from those who want to expand their "taste" experience.


The Gammons purchased the plot of land in Aromas and began farming in 1977. The Gammons' approach to farming has always been organic and ecological, and they have a strong commitment to maintaining a natural, healthy ecosystem on their property.
The Gammons have four daughters -- Lucy, Jill, Dusty and Prema -- for whom they named the farm. All four grew up on the farm and are now grown. All four were active on the farm over the years and helped with sales at farmers markets. Jill is considering returning to the farm and continuing to be involved with farming in the future.

Pest Management:

Although they have acquired a small tractor, they continue to use a rototiller and hand tools for planting, so as to disturb the land as little as possible. They have found that this approach means that they have very few insect pests to contend with - the healthy, harmonious farm ecosystem self-regulates and takes care of those pests. They do have one non-insect pest: the deer that roam the beautiful countryside surrounding their farm, and they are currently building a fence to protect their crops from being munched by deer.


Built up with compost, turning everything back in. Started with 3" of topsoil on the land, now they have 28-32" of good fertile topsoil.

Water Use:

Drip and misting irrigation. The land has native springs and a high water table.

Weed Control:

Hand and machine weeding.

Credits:*Originally published by CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture)