Big Paw Olive Oil

Owner:Bryan Saba
Phone:(408) 464-9048

Big Paw is a family owned operation. They and their small team of associates sell Big Paw olive oil at over 15 farmers' markets a week throughout the Bay Area.


Presently Big Paw works with family owned olive orchards in California, sourcing olives locally, within 200 miles of our shop. Like wine grapes, olives from different parts of the state have slightly different flavor palates. Big Paw searches for specific flavor profiles and balanced taste, tweaking them each year to achieve the flavor they are looking for. They recently planted 230 olive trees and plan to add another 300-400 trees very soon. They also produce 300 trees in the Los Gatos hills six miles from our shop in Campbell. Ultimately Big Paw plans to have their own mill and process their own olives in house.