Stackhouse Brothers Orchards

Owner:Rodney and Don Stackhouse

Stackhouse Orchards is family owned and operated for over 40 years now growing over 140 varieties of stone fruit as well as growing and flavoring their own almonds.


250 acres between Hickman and Hughson, CA


For over 25 years Stackhouse has sold products at farmers markets on the central coast, California as well as at Pikes Place in Seattle. They are continuously adding new flavors to the almonds and are currently at 14! They take great pride in their unique product. Rodney and Don Stackhouse are the brothers and partners behind Stackhouse Bros Orchards. They grew up on their small family farm and as they did their dad steadily expanded the farm to 80 acres including fruit trees. After Rodney graduated from Cal State Fresno, he decided to farm as well. Over the years, the brothers bought more land to add to what their dad already owned. Today their main crops are stone fruit and almonds on 250 acres between Hickman and Hughson, California. You can find their products at over 30 farmers markets around the central coast, Ca including Oakland, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Salinas, Livermore, just to name a few.
It is truly a family run operation. Rod can be found out amongst his trees every day and occasionally is seen visiting one of his markets.
His daughter and grandson Kristi and Nick manages the website, and the farmers markets. And the rest of the family helps out working markets.

Pest Management:

We rely on natural predators to protect the almond trees without using harsh pesticides. Letting grasses grow between trees will encourage the natural predators such as spiders, lace-wings, and wasps to flourish.


We use compost to increase fertility and improve soil structure. We do use some commercial fertilizer along with compost to obtain large and profitable crops.

Water Use:

Minimal - some irrigation in the spring.

Weed Control:

To control other weeds and grasses a tractor is used to mow in one direction only. Traditionally the strip of grass down the tree row is sprayed with herbacides. Our farm uses a contact herbicide such as round up.