Blossoms Farm

Owner:Carin Fortin and Delmar McComb
Phone:(831) 246-1137

Carin Fortin is a native of Switzerland, teacher, herbalist in training and certified permaculturist. She makes bitters, tinctures and tonics inspired by her family’s tradition and using herbs from the farm. Delmar McComb has gardened professionally for over 25 years and has had a passion for biodynamic farming and gardening for the past 20 of those years. Delmar has served as horticulturist, consultant, and designer for many acclaimed gardens, public and private, throughout the state and teaches and lectures frequently on varied subjects related to horticulture, biodynamics, anthroposophy, and design.


A unique project building momentum in Santa Cruz County, we are very excited to welcome them into the fold of responsible farms and food artisans we work with in this region. Blossoms Farm was started by Carin Fortin and Delmar McComb with the vision of establishing a true Biodynamic Farm. Partners in work and life, Carin and Delmar have joined forces to create a small scale, diversified, self-sustaining biodynamic farm that produces low carbon footprint herbs and nutrient dense food for the local community. They are dedicated to restorative farming practices with an emphasis on perennial crops. Blossoms also offers farm-based learning experiences for children and adults partially supported by implementing a Community Supported Herbal CSA system. The farm works to connect children and adults of all ages with the land, food and herbs that nourish and heal them; and to provide agricultural products of the highest quality.