Beckmann’s Old World Bakery

Owner:Peter Beckmann, Sharon May, Beth Holland (Farmers’ Market Sales Manager Scot Adam).
Contact: 104 Bronson St. #6
Santa Cruz, CA  95062

120 Employees


Peter started baking up on the UC campus in one of the co-ops in 1986 and slowly the business has grown to what it is today.


Beckmann’s is an all-natural, from scratch bakery making many kinds of breads and pastries. They use no GMOs, preservatives, dough conditioners, artificial colors or flavors. They have several flavors of slow-rising sourdoughs, Whole Grain Breads, Apple Cinnamon Swirl, German Farm Bread, Francese, Jalapeño Cheese Bread, Focaccia and “Home Bake” (brown and serve) breads. Their pastry offerings include a variety of pies in two sizes, bear claws, shortcake, cookies, scones, banana bread and pumpkin bread.


Their Pure Rye and Organic Francese are organic products. They make the Honey whole wheat with all organic ingredients except for the local honey. Certified CCOF.


They have a category of products that are offered at $6 each or 2-for-$10. Included are bags of cookies, banana bread, pumpkin bread, shortcake, cheese twists and soon to be released brownies.