New Vendors

Thank you for your interest in joining the Santa Cruz Community Farmers’ Market (SCCFM). We are a membership based organization, which means all selling vendors have been approved as members.

SCCFM’s policy is to give preference to producers and vendors whose practices support our mission. For agricultural producers, that means we select growers using sustainable practices and are certified organic. For artisan food and prepared food vendors, we look for candidates that source from our growers or support producers that are certified organic.

If you are interested in selling, qualify and there are openings at the market that match what you want to sell, you are required to submit an interest form regardless of vendor classification. Do not email/call to ask if there are openings or sell your product. All the information you need is on this page. An interest form is not an application for membership.  It is the first step in the review process.

The process involves three steps:

  1. Submit an SCCFM Interest Form and required paperwork.
  2. If we have openings and we are interested in your product, we will contact you for more information.
  3. If you are accepted for membership, we will send you a Membership Packet and set a start date.

When you have completed the appropriate prospective seller application, please mail/email it to our office. All submissions should be sent to: SCCFM/Vendor Interest Form, P.O. Box 7970, Santa Cruz, CA 95061 or emailed to

Note: We do our best to notify everyone that has submitted an interest form we have received paperwork.

SCCFM Interest Form

Although we do not want to discourage prospective vendors from applying, we would like applicants to have a realistic understanding of the availability of space at SCCFM’s markets. We receive a high volume of applications and many of our markets are currently full.

Our formal review process begins in the new year and we finish by the first of April. After that time, we will not be actively reviewing new submissions. Submissions that come after April will be reviewed in the beginning of the new year.

Please take the following information into consideration before submitting your application.

Farmers, Ranchers, Agricultural Vendors

For agricultural producers, all products must be grown in California, and if applicable we give preference to those who farm within Santa Cruz County and are certified organic.

Requirements for Membership:

  1. Current California Producers Certificate
  2. Product and General Liability Insurance with policy limits set to 1,000,000 products and 2,000,000 general aggregate. Insurance policies must name SCCFM as an additional insured.
  3. If applicable, please include any/all of the following:
    • State Organic Registration Certificate
    • 3rd party Organic Certification Agency (CCOF, QAI, MOCA, etc.)
    • Nursery Stock License (if applicable)
    • Health Department Permit (for any processed/value added foods)
    • Vintners need Bonded Type 2 License (for wine sales at Market)
    • Apiary (beekeeper) License
    • A copy of Farm Maps (County parcel map is best)
  1.  Photos of your stall space if you participate at other farmers markets

Download Farmer, Rancher, Egg Producer interest form


Artisan Food & Prepared Food Vendors

Artisan Foods are any product that is processed/made by the vendor and is sold, not consumed in the market. For artisan food vendors, we prefer those who use organic, regionally grown produce, ideally from farmers participating in our markets. We are currently focused on start-up food businesses that are based in Santa Cruz County.

 Prepared foods are any item that is cooked, prepared or served to eat at the market.  All food items, both prepackaged/artisan food and food for on site consumption, must be produced by the vendor. Preference is given to those who have at least two years’ experience in the restaurant/prepared food business. All food items sold at the market must be processed/served in accordance with Santa Cruz County Environmental Health Department’s in addition to any State or Federal rules related to the product (ie. meat,fermented products,seafood). We do not provide applications for food-related businesses that are not fully operational. Additionally, we do not give out applications to unregistered businesses.  All prepared food is subject to a blind tasting to assure product quality and appeal.

Requirements for Membership:

  1. Current Santa Cruz County Health Permit. If you are currently participating in farmers markets that are not in Santa Cruz County, you may submit your current county farmers market health permit for the application process. However, if you are approved to sell, you will be required to have a current Santa Cruz County Health Permit. Do not purchase a permit without first being approved to sell. You will spend unnecessary money.
  2. Product and General Liability Insurance with policy limits set to 1,000,000 for each occurrence and 2,000,000 for general aggregate. Insurance policies must name SCCFM as an “additional insured”.
  3. For certified organic food producers, current organic registration documentation.
  4. A copy of the certified kitchen lease you are currently using.
  5. A copy of business registration/license or C.A. sellers permit. Call State Board of Equalization 800-400-7115 for more information
  6. Photos of your stall space if you participate at other farmers markets.

Download Food Vendor, Prepared Foods interest form
The City of Santa Cruz policies on Mobile Food Vending



SCCFM allows chair massage at two of our markets – Scotts Valley and Felton markets only, there is no space available for massage at Live Oak. We do not allow chiropractic or medically related work. All massage practitioners must have the following in order to participate:

1. General Liability Insurance with policy limits set to 1,000,000 products and 2,000,000 general aggregate. Insurance policies must name SCCFM as an additional insured.

2. Evidence of professional training for massage.

Space is available by scheduling with SCCFM. Email with all of the required paperwork listed above and dates/markets you want to participate in. We will confirm available space. We ask you to not call to schedule.

Downtown /Westside Massage

SCCFM has an established massage booth that operates from April until the weather turns in November. The booth is operated by a group of massage therapist and is typically booked out for the season. There are a few openings to join from time to time, so if you are really interested, email us and we can pass your information on.



All of our markets provide one booth space that allows for rotating craft vendors. Items that are allowed must have a “Home & Kitchen” theme. Examples include but are not limited to: glass & pottery, wood dishes, metal/fabricated items, cutting boards, spice racks, garden boxes, hand-made recipe cards, authors with cookbooks, fiber & textile shopping bags, tablecloths, pillowcases, aprons & hot pads. We will consider any vegetable, fruit and farm themed utilitarian or decorative art/craft. All products must be produced in Santa Cruz County by the person selling the item.

Inquire can be sent to:



We allow soap to be sold at all of our markets. We provide one booth space only. Check the market opening section to see if there are openings.

Inquire can be sent to:


Tabling/Non-Profit Groups

Limited tabling space is available at all SCCFM markets. Space is available on a first-come first-served basis and is not guaranteed. We do not require scheduling in advance and the space is provided free of charge. Groups tabling are only allowed to distribute information, print materials (including yard signs), etc. Nothing can be sold.

At the Downtown Market we offer an established tabling area along the Toadal Fitness wall – this is open to qualified groups. Spaces are chalked out and limited to those spaces only.

At all other markets, groups are required to check in with the market manager to learn if space is available and where to set up. If there is no space, you can try the next week or another market.

Groups are not allowed to “roam the market” (ie: asking for signatures,approaching seated customers,etc) and must stay within 1ft of their table in the designated spaces determined by SCCFM management. Groups are also expected to be professional and respectful to customers, other groups tabling and SCCFM staff. Groups that do not follow SCCFM’s tabling rules and/or management will be asked to leave.

Standard rules for tabling at our farmers’ markets:

  • The space is designated for the dissemination of information ONLY. This includes print materials such as yard signs.
  • No products can be sold, sampled or given away.
  • Do not bring food for people to try.
  • Do not ask to borrow equipment, bring everything you’ll need.
  • Tents or Ez-Up’s are not allowed unless SCCFM has granted permission. Umbrella’s for sun protection are acceptable. One table (six feet maximum) is permitted.

Please do not call/email to schedule. If you have questions after thoroughly reading this section email us at


Qualified Groups


Political Action groups, Local and State Government agencies, Municipal agencies


Local schools doing fundraising (raffle ticket sales are ok)

Solar companies
*We are allowing this only to promote the very consumer friendly tax savings the Federal Government and the State of California is offering and also to provide the public information about changes happening with PG&E’s rate buyback and net metering (NEM) programs in 2021 and beyond.

If you do not fit any of these categories, please contact us at Do not call.