Nesh Dhillon, Director

Nesh (Naish) is responsible for overall organizational development and coordinates operations. He has served as director since 2003 and worked as an assistant manager since 2001.

Nesh grew up up in Oregon and graduated from the University of Oregon where he studied Sports Medicine and Chemistry. From an early age, he fostered a love for food and the importance of where it is sourced. His passion for the markets comes from the farms that make up this area, the food artisans that are reinventing the way we eat and the never ending support of the SC community for their local food system. When he is not putting out fires in the market, he likes to escape to Baja with his wife to enjoy the lack of stimulus and rules.

Nicole Zahm, Food Shed Project Director

Nicki Zahm coordinates our community outreach and educational programming. Born and raised in Santa Cruz, she is particularly excited to be involved in agriculture and community building in this region. Nicki’s professional efforts over the past decade has focused on health in various capacities including HIV prevention, homelessness and dementia among older adults. Since 2008, food systems work has been the vain through which she sees the largest potential for community and ecological health. Nicki received a BA in American Studies from the University of California at Santa Cruz and a dual MA in Social Work and Public Health in Michigan. She also loves to dance and jump in the ocean.