Bill The Bulb Baron

Owner:Bill Welch

Bill Welch hosts the largest collection of Tazetta Narcissus in the world at his field in Carmel Valley.


Today, all of Bill's waking moments are spent working in the field digging, growing, picking and hybridizing Narcissus. He decided to grow Tazetta Narcissus bulbs for a living, so he would be able to work on hybridizing them every chance he got. Since no one else seemed interested in preserving the old varieties that still exist, he has made it his mission in life to collect as many as he can find. At his field in Carmel Valley one can see the largest collection of Tazetta Narcissus in the world. He uses many of these varieties for pollinations to create new types of Narcissus. His goal is to develop varieties with different shaped cups, different colors, double petals, and also varieties that have different fragrances, different seasons of bloom and ones that multiply well in the garden.


Bill Welch, or Bill the Bulb Baron as he's often called, was captivated with the Single Chinese Narcissus growing in his back yard as a child, especially when no one knew much about them. He was amazed by their ability to thrive on neglect. The clumps of single and double Chinese we see growing everywhere show us how drought tolerant Tazetta Narcissus are, making them an ideal plant for the Monterey Peninsula. Bill has successfully made thousands of pollinations on his Tazetta Narcissus, collected the seed from them and raised the hybrid bulbs. The bulbs take up to seven years to grow from seed, so as you can imagine, this is a lifetime commitment. Bill has bred and named several new varieties, including Avalanche of Gold, Sugar Cups, New Glory and Liquid Sun.

Credits:*Information originally published bu Jaminia A. Colliard. Available HERE.